The Most Expensive Fish in the World

Discover which species of fish are considered the most expensive in the world - from bluefin tuna to freshwater polka dot stripe & more.

The Most Expensive Fish in the World

The next fish on this list isn't your average aquarium fish. It's a delicacy used for sushi - bluefin tuna. This species is the most expensive fish in the world, and is kept in high-end aquariums due to its endangered status. Bluefin tuna can be found in Japan, Monterey Bay, and other large aquariums, but domestic aquariums cannot sustain them.

Conservation efforts have been underway for decades, and more aquariums are joining the cause. The freshwater polka dot stripe is partly illegal in the United States. It appears on the IUCN red list due to its limited habitat range and severe restrictions. Some states require permits to own one, while other states completely prohibit it. Before buying one, make sure that the area where you live is in agreement with it. The Neptune grouper usually lives at a depth of approximately 200 meters, making it difficult to catch alive.

Pacific bluefin tuna has been called “the forgotten bluefin tuna” due to its vulnerability to overfishing and its popularity among seafood experts. It is mainly shipped to Japanese markets, where a single fish can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Arapaima is native to the Amazon and parts of South America, and is considered an important food fish. It is the smallest fish on this list, but arguably has the most expensive price per inch of fish. Marine fish are much more expensive than freshwater fish because they live at incredible depths in huge oceans. From the wrought iron butterfly fish to the platinum-breaking Arowana, these exceptional fish are loved by fish lovers all over the world.

They hunt with their naked eye with some of the best eyes in the sea to eat everything from other fish to squid. The tropical Clarion angelfish is extremely difficult to catch as it is classified as a deep-sea reef fish and is very small in size. What makes fish so expensive is its unusual appearance and the fact that Japanese breeders rarely export their fish. These fish need a large tank to house them, but they're an incredible addition if you have space for one in your tank. The Arowana is a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture, also known as dragon fish. Fish are popular as food and as pets, leading to the domestication of many new species of fish in recent decades.

Every fish lover dreams of seeing some of the rarest and most expensive fish in the world - although they look fierce, they do not pose a threat to people since they prefer to hunt and eat smaller fish. Nowadays, this change in the relationship between humans and fish has led to some interesting advances in the fish world, including some very expensive prices for the rarest fish in existence. If you are a fish collector, an enthusiast or just like to have a beautiful aquarium, these are among the most expensive fish in the world.