Deep-Sea Fishing in Texas: What's in Season and Where to Go

Discover what deep-sea fish are in season in Texas & where you should go for your next deep-sea fishing trip! Learn about regulations & more.

Deep-Sea Fishing in Texas: What's in Season and Where to Go

Texas is a great destination for deep-sea fishing, with a wide variety of fish available throughout the year. Spring (March-May) is the ideal time for fishing, with the addition of Spanish mackerel, mahi-mahi, king mackerel and red snapper. Summer (June to August) is the best time to hunt blackfin sharks, hammerhead and tiger sharks, cobia, blackfin tuna, kingfish and mahi-mahi. The season starts to warm up in spring, and summer is the most popular time for deep-sea fishing in Texas.

This is when all the pelagic fish, such as Mahi Mahi, tuna, sailfish and blue and white marlin, roam the area. Of course, this is also when the federal red snapper season usually begins. In March and April, fishing trips around the island's bay are ideal for fishing drums and black and red sheep. These die-hard fighters gather in large numbers around Galveston's docks and canals to spawn this time, giving anglers the chance to hunt big bulls. The best time to catch tarp, spotted trout, bass and black drum on the Texas coast is from May to October.

Redfish is available all year round, but fishing peaks from September to December near Port Isabel & Galveston. Night fishing works well in towns and cities because they add artificial light, making it easier for fish to find food and move. Texas truly has it all when it comes to deep-sea fishing, from incredible underwater reefs and canyons to offshore oil rigs teeming with fish. Generally, jigging rods are more flexible compared to stronger bottom fishing rods used for deep-sea fish. For most anglers, the easiest way to achieve all of this is to hop on one of the many deep-sea fishing charters in Texas. In addition to the boat itself and the equipment provided by the crew, you'll have the added convenience of fishing with a professional charter captain.

During the summer, fishing for redfish and trout begins to increase and a wider variety of active fish can also be found in the waters close to the coast. Sharks, mackerels and black drums are just some of the species that can be found here. While it is legal to place an identification tag (be careful as tags can harm fish) on the outside of a fish and return it to public waters, it is illegal to release a fish with a device or substance implanted or attached to produce a sound, visual or electronic signal that is used to monitor or track it. While fishing, it is illegal to be in possession of more fish than the daily baggage limit or within a protected length limit. The Texas coast is an often overlooked fishing destination but it can actually offer some of the best fishing spots in the United States all year round.