Fishing License Requirements in Orange Beach, Alabama

Learn about what type of fishing licenses are required when fishing off Gulf Shores & Orange Beach AL & how much they cost.

Fishing License Requirements in Orange Beach, Alabama

If you're planning to go fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama, you'll need to make sure you have the right license. Alabama residents over 64 years of age and holding a valid resident ID are not required to purchase fishing licenses. Other anglers who plan to use a boat, artificial devices, or fish in other freshwater locations will need a license. Anyone over the age of 16 or under 66 must have a license to attack saltwater species.

You can purchase your fishing license (s) from an approved license seller or online on the Outdoor Alabama website. A Southwest reef fish approval privilege is also needed to fish for Gulf reef fish in saltwater. Annual Saltwater (fully disabled) Valid for fresh and salt water. You must also have the appropriate sport fishing license.

A saltwater fishing license is required for all waters off Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. This includes the Intracoastal Canal and the rear bays. Residents and non-residents are exempt if they are under 16 and residents are exempt at age 65 or older. If you choose to fish on a rental boat, the rental company will provide you with everything you need, including the license.

You can apply for a Florida fishing license online through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission website. You can also choose to buy one in person at authorized retailers or local sports stores in your area. The links in this section will help you learn more about license fees and requirements for freshwater and saltwater fishing. You also don't need to buy a license if you're going fishing with an Alabama saltwater guide or charter.

If your fishing license is lost or stolen, you'll need to change it in order to continue fishing legally. A saltwater fishing license is also required to fish in saltwater using any artificial bait, fly, lure, launch net, bow, crab trap (five or less) or spear. There are three things you need if you want to spend quality time with family and friends fishing in one of Alabama's reservoirs or enjoying the beauty while fishing in an Alabama mountain stream, in a quiet wetland, or in the Mobile Delta. The state of Alabama implements several fishing laws and regulations to maintain the health of its fishing areas. Alabama › Fishing › Fishing licenses with rates of 26%.

Keep in mind that there is no individual license for brackish water fishing, so if you plan to fish somewhere where it's possible to catch both freshwater and saltwater fish, it's probably best to buy both types of licenses. Whether you want to fish offshore in the Gulf or fish freshwater fish with hooks in the Tennessee River, you should know what species your license covers. The first is a thorough knowledge of all the fishing regulations in force in the state; the second is an excellent itinerary and all the necessary equipment; and, of course, a fishing license. You can legally fish with your Alabama fishing license to the Mississippi or Grand Bay state border in the west, and the Florida or Perdido Bay state border to the east. However, if you're going fishing with a freshwater guide, you'll need to purchase a fishing license beforehand. If you're looking for information on how much a fishing license costs in Orange Beach, Alabama, it depends on what type of license you need.

Residents pay $12 for an annual freshwater license and $17 for an annual saltwater license. Non-residents pay $50 for an annual freshwater license and $65 for an annual saltwater license.