Can You Fish Off the Beach in Orange Beach, Alabama?

Orange Beach is a great destination for year-round fishing! Learn what fish you can catch off the beach in Orange Beach Alabama.

Can You Fish Off the Beach in Orange Beach, Alabama?

If you're looking for a year-round fishing destination, Orange Beach is the place to be. The warm waters of the bays and marshes are teeming with fish even in the coldest months, while reefs also tend to have something to offer all year round. Deepwater action intensifies in the warmer months, and during those months there are also plenty of fish that bite on the coast. So what fish can you catch in Orange Beach, Alabama? The Gulf is rich in coastal fishing experiences and is often teeming with species such as redfish and speckled trout.

While these precious game fish are also popular in destinations such as the Florida Keys and the Mexican border, they are found in the shallow waters of Orange Beach all year round. Because they peak in fall and winter, don't underestimate the “calm” that comes after. With less competition, you're sure to get impressive catches. Orange Beach offers plenty of sought-after coastal fish species throughout the labyrinth of backwaters.

Flounder is found in bays and in shallow plains, and redfish and trout can be caught near piers and inlets. The redfish and trout can be caught all year round, but larger specimens appear in fall and spring. While Orange Beach isn't a tarpon nursery, it does see tarpon move through every year. The tarps that end up in the waters of Orange Beach are generally large and are on the move in search of food.

Nearshore fishing overlaps with smaller deep-sea fish, mainly snapper, meadfish and mackerel, which make up most of the catch. The best time to go depends on the fish you want to catch, but in general, the best catch is from May to November, when warm weather and migrations of several species overlap. Although it's more expensive than getting on a party boat, Orange Beach fishing charters definitely offer good value for money. The great thing about fishing from a dock is that you'll have an observation point from which to watch the fish and help you catch them. When it comes to deep-sea fishing in Orange Beach, fish can be found almost anywhere, but there are certain areas to target depending on what you want to catch.

Some of the most intense fishing activities in the Gulf are excursions near the coast with short boat rides to get to fishing spots. While deep sea fishing in Orange Beach is exceptional, coastal and near-shore fishing is just as impressive. Orange Beach's deep-sea fishing has exceptional fishing year round, with several species that always bite. Those who fish on a charter boat or party boat will be covered, and the cost of the license is included in the entrance fee to most docks. Dock fishing gives you the advantage of setting up camp to spend the day and focusing your full attention on fishing.